2-year-old chef steals hearts with cake baking skills

October 6th, 2020

When we’re craving a little special something sweet, we’ll usually just go to the store and buy a pint of ice cream, or maybe we’ll treat ourselves at a nice restaurant and get something from a professional chef.

But what if we got our sweet treat from a 2-year-old chef?

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We know, it sounds crazy. But just hear us out.

This clip of a 2-year-old girl baking went viral and it makes sense why — it is so adorable.

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“Welcome to my cooking show, today we’re baking a cake,” the little girl says so sweetly at the beginning of the clip. “Okay, let’s get started. Sugar please!”

The little girl has the biggest smile on her face, from ear-to-ear, as she has an adult (presumably a parent) hand her each ingredient. It’s nice to see who’s really the boss here! She has a big bowl and she’s holding the spatula like a pro.

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We’re pretty confident this is only the beginning of her professional baking career.

When the little girl goes to pour the sugar into the bowl, she almost misses (ah, the perks of being 2-years-old), but luckily the adult there comes in to help whenever something like that is about to happen. We think she’s nailing it regardless.

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Up next is the butter, which she also needs a little bit of help with. “I hold that,” she says with a bit of sass, even though she’s not really holding it. Too funny.

As she mixes the ingredients together, she pauses to flash the biggest smile to the camera and say hello. Have you ever seen anything more precious than this? We’re going to bet you haven’t. It is too cute.

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“It’s perfect,” the young lady says as she shows us the butter mixed with the sugar. She puffs up with pride!

When the time comes to crack and egg, she tries to sort of squeeze it but it doesn’t really work. She admits that she can’t do it before handing it over to the adult who so kindly cracks the egg in the bowl for the young aspiring chef. Then she asks for another egg.

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“Mama, help me?” She says, trying yet again to crack the egg.

She continues to add ingredients into the bowl and mix away. She is pretty much owning the kitchen, like the little chef she is! “It’s perfect,” she even says at one point, so proud of her sweet creation.

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She takes a big taste of her batter as she continues to mix it and seems to like it — that’s a sign that it’s going to come out great, right? Every good chef knows that you have to do a little taste test along the way. You know… For the people.

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Later on, she puts the cake in the oven and after it bakes, it comes out looking pretty much perfect! Like a smooth, vanilla cake. It looks perfectly cooked, with a great texture that stays together.

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Here comes the fun part: decorating the cake. The little girl decides to whip up a light green frosting and goes on to have a really fun time putting it on the cake. The best part is that you can tell she is really enjoying herself.

Then she tops it all off with rainbow star sprinkles because, duh!

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We’d say she did a pretty killer job! Not too shabby for a chef who is only 2. What do you think?

Check it out below!

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