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Groom saves guest from choking at his own wedding

August 28th, 2019

Nobody expects to have their wedding interrupted – and if they do – it’s from that ex in the crowd that can’t “forever hold their peace” after a few too many glasses of champagne. However, at Cody and Kelly Campbell’s wedding, they had an interruption that they’d never forget – and neither will one of their guests!

Cody and Kelly were celebrating their holy day of matrimony in Orange County, California when things took a seriously dramatic turn.

“It was the most incredible day,” Kelly told ABC 7 New. “We had all of our friends and family there, and we couldn’t have asked for a better night.”

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After the beautiful and flawlessly-executed ceremony, the Campbell’s family and friends gathered together for the reception and celebration of love. Cody’s father, Craig Campbell, a retired captain with the Orange County Fire Authority, stood up to give a ‘best man’s’ speech.

Before Craig could finish his emotional speech and toast, another situation transpired in the crowd – and it was a serious emergency.

“I heard a couple people yell, ‘My God, she’s choking,'” Craig told the news station. “I happened to turn over to the table over here and witnessed a lady that had a complete airway obstruction.”

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The woman in her 60s happened to be a relative of Kelly’s and she was in serious distress and immediate danger, choking on a piece of steak. Before Craig even had a chance to process what was going on, Cody (who happened to be a rookie with the Los Angeles Fire Department) didn’t hesitate to jump into action.

Cody’s firefighter training kicked into gear and he started to perform the Heimlich on the panicked guest.

“Just went back on my training and just performed the Heimlich, and about five or six thrusts, a piece of meat became dislodged from her throat,” Cody recalled.

The woman, overcome with relief, thanked the groom for running over to save her life. After sitting down and regaining composure, she began to breathe normally once again and the party continued. In fact, it was even confirmed that she ended up finishing her steak!

Because the rescue was so incredible and both of the men are first responders, some of the guests thought they had planned the entire fiasco!

“Some people in the back, who really couldn’t see this far ahead, truly thought that it might have been staged, but I assure you, I am not an actress, that was not faking it,” Kelly said.

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There’s no doubt that this was an extremely terrifying ordeal for everyone involved (mostly the woman choking!), but Kelly couldn’t be more proud to have such a heroic and selfless family. Talk about the ultimate dream husband!

“Saving someone’s life right in front of me on my wedding day and right in front of his son, that’s something that we’ll have forever,” Kelly said. “It’s so special.”

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If there is one thing for sure – the Campbell’s will never forget their wedding day and neither will any of their guests! And hopefully, Kelly’s relative will cut very small pieces of steak from now on. And we’re certain that Cody is going to be an amazing addition to the Los Angeles Fire Department!

Want to learn more about this unbelievable story? Watch the Inside Edition video below.

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