5-year-old survives after father jumps in front train with her

October 4th, 2019

Warning: the footage embedded in this article may be shocking or unsuited for sensitive viewers.

It was a complete and total drama in a metro station in The Bronx, New York recently when a man attempted to take his own life. However, as if that wasn’t tragic enough, the 45-year-old man and father, suddenly grabbed his small daughter by the wrist right before he jumped.

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He dragged his five-year-old girl with him as he jumped right in front of the upcoming train.

The man, who was later identified as Fernando Balbuena, was immediately killed by the impact. The incident occurred at the Kingsbroad road station as Balbuena suddenly jumped right in front of the 4-train headed towards Manhattan before the morning rush at around 8 AM.

As you can imagine, everyone was completely shocked. Bystanders assumed the worst, and that the girl would also not make it out alive.

Miraculously, she did survive, and she didn’t even have any major injuries.

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The little girl, Ferni Balbuena, was even practically unscathed.

According to mom Niurka Caraballo, her husband was on the phone as he grabbed their little girl and made the tragic decision. The train did manage to hit the breaks, but it was too late to make a complete stop. However, the girl managed to escape death because she fell directly in between the tracks, and managed to stay there until the train made a full stop.

A couple of Good Samaritans immediately jumped on the tracks to try and rescue the little girl. Jairo Torres was one of them, and he managed to instruct the little girl to crawl to safety.

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James Messerschmidt, NY Post Source: James Messerschmidt, NY Post

As soon as the girl was safe, Jairo grabbed her by the wrist and immediately pulled her to safety.

“I never think about anything,” the brave man said to CBS New York. “I just care about saving the life of the baby.”

“She says ‘What happened to my daddy?'” he said. “I said ‘Don’t look at your daddy. Come to me. Crawl like a puppy.'”

He saw that her father had already passed and that there was absolutely no hope anymore. When he noticed that the girl was still moving, he immediately intervened.

Someone else managed to film the rescue with their phone, and the images are just as shocking as they are surprising.

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NY Post Source: NY Post

Torres is now being praised as a hero, and rightfully so.

“I didn’t do it because people call me a hero. I do it because of the baby. Because in my heart, I feel the baby is still alive. And the I’m all right. The baby is still alive.”

The little girl was immediately taken to the hospital for a check-up, and mom met her again back there.

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Taidgh Barron, NY Post Source: Taidgh Barron, NY Post

“She’s OK,” mom Niurka said to the New York Post. “Thank God,” right before she burst into tears.

This has been an incredible tragedy for everyone involved, but it’s probably the most terrifying for little Ferni herself, who constantly keeps asking about her dad.

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James Messerschmidt, NY Post Source: James Messerschmidt, NY Post

“She is asking for her father,” mom added.

The NYPD tried to lift the little girl’s spirits, and they presented her with her own NYPD baseball cap as well as a “Little Mermaid” doll, who was just about as big as she was.

“My little girl is in perfect condition thanks to God and the angels that protected her,” mom told CBS. “Those living angels with my little girl. Thank you, thank you.”

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Kevin Sheehan, NY Post Source: Kevin Sheehan, NY Post

You can watch the dramatic footage of the rescue below, but be warned, it can be sensitive to some viewers.

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Source: NY Post, CBS