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Homeless Man Walks Into Bar With $2 For Food, Leaves With So Much More

January 30th, 2019

Sadly, homelessness is an epidemic. In any major city, you are bound to find a homeless individual who is down on their luck. Whether it’s from losing their job, rent prices rising exponentially, or coming back from the war with expensive medical bills, each homeless person has a story.

In the busyness of day-to-day life, sometimes we can forget the humanity behind the homeless person curled up on the street. They have no bed to lie on at the end of the day, no reliable source for their next meal, and when the winter hits, no warm blanket or heater to curl up beside.

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While most homeless people resort to begging as their source of income, some still want to purchase goods fair and square, even if they are desperate. That was the case for one homeless man who entered Huey’s, a popular hamburger joint in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dawn Wilt was dining at Huey’s when she noticed the homeless man enter the restaurant.

Beck, the bartender working the bar at the time, greets the homeless man with a friendly, “What can I get you, man?”

Having only $2 dollars to his name, the homeless man asked, “I am hungry, what can I get here with $2?”

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Beck didn’t skip a beat. He asked, “What you want man, a burger? Do you want fries or onion rings?”

The homeless man was touched, replying “God Bless You” as Beck continued to take his order:

“What do you want to drink?”


According to Dawn, it was 100 degrees that day. And while that man could have ordered a soda, a beer, or anything in between, he only wanted water.

Treating him as he would any other patron, Beck got to work on preparing the homeless man’s order.

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When the homeless man’s food was ready, Dawn and the homeless man was shocked.

“I swear when it came out it was way more than he ordered or paid for…” Dawn later recounted in a Facebook post.

“I say cheers to Beck for having a HEART.. He reminded me of the bartender in Its a wonderful life.. every time a bell rings a angel gets his wings.. Beck you get the wings today.. Made my heart smile.. Please share this Beck deserves it..”

The slogan of Huey’s is “Good times since 1970.” And Beck the bartender surely upheld their reputation with his act of kindness that day.

Dawn’s post has been shared over 1,700 times, and others are loving Beck’s inspiring gesture.

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Facebook / Dawn Wilt Source: Facebook / Dawn Wilt

I’m sure that the homeless man will never forget Beck’s generosity that day.

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