Laine Hardy Wows The Judges With His "Hurricane" Rendition

April 23rd, 2019

Laine Hardy, an American Idol favorite, did an amazing rendition of Band of Heathens’ “Hurricane” in the Top 10 Episode. He stood on the stage in front of the world as well as judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry.

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American Idol via YouTube Source: American Idol via YouTube

With fog machines leaving Laine Hardy and the band on a misty, moody, and surreal stage with the lights dimmed and a dark forest scene in the background, Laine began to belt out a deliciously perfect “Hurricane” in front of an enthralled audience and judges.

The band played in the background.

The audience cheered.

Everything was perfect.

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An Amazing Performance

While holding and playing a lively electric guitar, Laine’s low voice also filled the room. He brought the song to life, bringing the audience on a journey down by the bayou and into the life of its residents.

After the performance came to an end, Luke Bryan congratulated him on the stellar performance and stage presence:

“Way to just come out here and deliver it with style!”

Katy Perry was so excited that she interrupted the other judge with a

“Smoking Hot!”

to the amusement and agreement of the audience.

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That’s about as far as she could get for a while. She was so stunned that she couldn’t even form the words to explain how perfect the performance had been.

Lionel Richie summed up his feelings about what the singer from Alabama had accomplished on the stage:

“A lot of people have to go away from home to make it. You took us back home to make it. The only thing missing is your blue suede shoes. Other than that, you got it!”

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Laine and American Idol

This season isn’t the eighteen-year-old’s first time on American Idol.

He had his first audition when he was seventeen years old and still a senior in high school. The judges loved him even back then, but they felt that he lacked confidence, something he has definitely gained since then. It would be a hard thing to deny!

But how did he get that confidence? For the year in-between audition appearances, he had been recording music of his own and growing into his role as a musician. It turns out that it fits him perfectly. It just took a little while to get there.

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The next time he would arrive on stage would be to play guitar for his friend, Ashton Gill’s, audition. The judge recognized him immediately and complimented him on his new slick look including his now-famous haircut. They couldn’t get over how much he had changed in one short year.

His friend, Ashton, offered a great performance with Laine as her guitarist and she was advanced to the next round, but the judges wanted to hear one more performance from Laine before they would let him off the stage. He sang “The Weight” by The Band at their request.

His singing and stage presence were so improved from the year before that the judges offered him a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, and he accepted. He was finally ready to go on to Hollywood with that second chance!

While his friend was eventually eliminated, Laine has stayed on the show round after round.

He continues to stun us on his way to the top.

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Source: American Idol via YouTube