Woman Looks 20 Years Younger With Beautiful Blonde Makeover

November 5th, 2019

52-year-old Maggie is a widow and grandmother from Vero Beach, Florida. Sadly, it was after the heartbreaking loss of her husband that she finally decided to treat herself to a new look.

But instead of just visiting a local salon, Maggie hopped on a plane and traveled all the way to The Makeover Guy’s studio in Minneapolis. What she didn’t know at the time though, was that she’d be returning home looking completely unrecognizable.

Maggie might appear a little gray and broken at first. However, the end results of her transformation are making eyes pop for good reason. Even Maggie herself is left stunned by her reflection in the mirror!

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Occasionally, you run into a story that reminds you of the importance of “seizing the day.” Maggie has one of those stories.

During her interview, Maggie has a difficult time holding back tears talking about herself. As it turns out, her husband (who was a former cop) had passed away. She didn’t provide many details, but according to The Makeover Guy’s YouTube channel:

“Maggie’s husband was a police officer who died one day after his retirement.”

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While the tragedy had left a hole in Maggie’s heart, she was grateful for the other beautiful things in her life. She had a family that brought her happiness.

Maggie explained:

“The bad is I lost my husband – and the good is I have grandbabies.”

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As wives and mothers, sometimes we put ourselves on the bottom of the list when it comes to people that need caring for. But should that be the case?

Maggie didn’t take much personal time to work on herself either – and her late husband noticed. Apparently, he used to be vocal about it too.

“He was always like, ‘Uh, you don’t take care of yourself.'”

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The 52-year-old grandma showed up at Christopher Hopkins’ salon with hair that was fully gray at the roots. Like many others though, she felt like she was only in her thirties.

Thankfully, The Makeover Guy was there to help bring Maggie’s inner-youth outwards. And why would he not? Christopher has a gift for turning back the hands of time, and has been doing so for decades.

In addition to being a celebrity-stylist, he’s also a best-selling author, Broadway singer, entrepreneur, and has millions of views on YouTube.

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She never expected to become a blonde-bombshell.

Once Maggie’s new look is revealed, you might think they stuck her daughter in her place. She’s absolutely blown away seeing that Christopher and his team made her a glamorous, young-looking blonde.

She can’t help but exclaim:

“Oh my God, I’d never of thought I’d look like this. That does not look like me at all. I look like my daughter!”

Maggie was certainly shocked by her unrecognizable appearance, but she seemed to be quite pleased with it too. For others traveling to see Christopher – she offered the following advice.

“When you come from so far away and you’re going to do this – let them do their vision.”

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Along with offering condolences, viewers also chimed in about the night and day results.

One person commented:

“This is by far my favorite makeover! Omgosh, she looks at least twenty years younger! Love her heart! Another Great Job Christopher, you knocked it out of the park!”

Another woman thought she could pass for the sibling of a very famous songstress.

“It’s Brittany Spears younger sister! She looks stunning!”

Someone else posted:

“Is that the same person? Fantastic makeover well done team x”

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Press play below to see Maggie’s incredible transformation for yourself! Hopefully, she continues to find peace and happiness.

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