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Stranger helps man view photo daughter sends

September 26th, 2019

We’ve all had times when we need someone to lend a hand. When that happens, we might reach out to strangers but we can’t always be certain they’ll take the time to help. For one elderly man, technology presented a problem — but a kind stranger went above and beyond to lend a hand.

A woman named Serena Mansey shared her story about being approached by an old man who was struggling with his phone.

“Today I was asked if I was any good with phones by an elderly man as he was trying to open a picture message that his granddaughter had sent,” she said.

But it wasn’t any ordinary photo. It was a picture of his newborn great-grandchild, who he hadn’t yet been able to meet.

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Mansey looked at his phone and realized it was an old Nokia.

She told him that since it wasn’t a smartphone, he wouldn’t be able to open the picture.

“He was gutted,” she said.

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But Mansey had a solution.

Since she had a smartphone, she thought she might be able to come up with a way to help him view the photo.

“So, I forwarded the message to my phone and eventually managed to open the picture,” she said. “He was so emotional seeing his great-granddaughter for the first time and you could see his love for them both through his teary eyes.”

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But then she decided to take her kind actions one step further.

She wanted him to be able to look back at the photo regularly until he could finally meet his great-granddaughter. But since he didn’t have a way to view it digitally, the best option was for him to have a physical copy.

“I asked him to wait there and I went to boots and printed the photo for him and ended up buying a frame for it too,” she said. “When I returned with the framed photo, he was so happy, literally overwhelmed.”

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Mansey took a photo of the man posing with his framed photo, and his joy’s evident in his face.

When he was struggling, he reached out to a stranger. Fortunately, that person was willing to help him navigate his problems and even took the time out of her day to make sure he had a way to look at his photo whenever he wants.

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Mansey shared the photo and the story on the Facebook page – Love What Matters.

There, it quickly gained attention, accruing 79,000 reactions, nearly 3,000 comments, and more than 7,000 shares. People were touched by Mansey’s kind actions and her willingness to work through the great-grandpa’s tech issues until they found a solution together. For her, it was a few minutes out of her day, but for him, it was a lifetime treasure.

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Hopefully, the story is a reminder to all of us not to dismiss others when they ask for help, especially elderly people struggling with technology. A small amount of effort could end up making a huge difference to them!

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