Man refuses to leave girlfriend after she is diagnosed with cancer, proposes to her at final treatment

November 1st, 2019

Cancer is not only devastating for the person diagnosed with it but affects their entire family and friends

Jillian Receives Bad News

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Jillian is only 25 and was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She knew she was in for a rough journey.

Jillian Talks To Max

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Jillian was realistic and wanted to give her boyfriend Max an option of moving on without her.

Jillian knew her condition was serious and that treatments were going to take a toll on her. She didn’t want to make the decision for Max that he had to stick around to see this. So she gave him the option of bowing out of their relationship.

Max Responds

For Max, it didn’t’ seem to him like there was an option.

Max made it clear that he was in this with her and that he was going to be right by her side through the entire journey.

Max True To His Word

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Max was there every step of the way

Jillian went through surgery and 16 treatments of chemotherapy. Max was right there for her. He was her rock and the one that made sure that along the way there was plenty of love and romance.

Max Made Jillian Feel Special

Max not only encouraged Jillian, but he made a point to tell her how beautiful she was every day. He made sure to add some positive aspects to her life by taking her out on movie dates.

A Stronger Relationship

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Cancer has a history of pulling couples apart, but not this time

Jillian said that even though no one can prepare for this, Max told her how strong she was. This ordeal instead of weakening their relationship made it all the stronger.

The Final Treatment

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The last treatment of chemotherapy was one that everyone was looking forward to.

This last chemo treatment meant that the next segment of Jillian’s journey could begin, which was the healing process. But, it turned out to be much more than that.

Max Proposes

As family and the medical team rallied around Jillian on this last day, Max, in the midst of them, all got down on one knee and proposed to Jillian. This made this day even more special. Even though both Jillian and Max knew that Jillian’s fight against cancer was not over, and there would be further treatments.

Lauren Comes Into the Lives of Jillian and Max

Lauren owns a wedding planning company called LLG Events. Once a year, Lauren’s company donates an amazing event to some deserving couple. When she heard about Jillian and Max there was no question that they would be this year’s recipient of Lauren’s kindness.

A Wedding To Be Remembered

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Lauren planned the perfect wedding for Jillian and Max, and there is no question that this marriage is built on love and dedication and stands up to the traditional wedding vows….”in sickness and in health….”.

An Inspiration and An Example

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Jillian and Max are a wonderful inspiration to those couple who are facing a fight with this terrible disease. They are also an example of love conquers all!

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