Mom Writes Viral Post About Husband's Sacrifice As A Police Officer

May 16th, 2018

Regardless of putting their lives on the line day in and day out, police officers these days receive a ton of scrutiny. Sometimes, it helps to see things from their perspective though, or even from the perspectives of their loved ones.

That’s why one Facebook post by Shannon Pisarek struck a nerve with so many people on the Internet.

Shannon was standing nearby when her son was speaking to her father, who was on duty at the time, through video chat. What happens next makes you realize what it’s like to have someone close to your heart give so much to protect others, and might even make you appreciate your local police a bit more.

Just wait until you read her post.

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Facebook/Shannon Pisarek Source: Facebook/Shannon Pisarek

“Eddie face-timed Ed for some help with finding Monday night raw on tv, a problem only Daddy can help with.. Not mommy. While they were going through the steps, Ed’s radio went off for a person with a gun and Eddie heard it. Within a few seconds, there was the sound of sirens. Ed quickly said that he had to go and that he would call back… And he hung up.”

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Shannon Pisarek Source: Shannon Pisarek

“Then it happened. I looked at my Eddie’s face, and for the first time in his little 9 year old life, he felt the danger. His eyes welled up, and out came the tears. I asked him what was wrong, and for the first time ever, he sobbed “I’m scared for daddy!” I tried to tell him that this is what daddy deals with every night, that daddy always chases bad guys, but doesn’t daddy always come home? But the more I tried to console him, I realized that I had nothing to say to ACTUALLY make him feel better. I realized that it is scary, and that it is real life.. And that as the family of a police officer, this is what we have to feel. This is our normal.”

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Shannon Pisarek Source: Shannon Pisarek

“So with his crying, his 2 nosey sisters came down to see what was going on. Before I could say anything, he told them what he heard on daddy’s radio. And with that, I had 3 crying kids telling me that they wanted daddy to come home. It was then that I realized I had nothing to say… All I could think of was ‘you guys know daddy is superman. Daddy always comes home.'”

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Shannon Pisarek Source: Shannon Pisarek

“As I was hugging them, with tears welling up in my eyes too bc I was at a loss for what to say, eddies Ipod starting to ring. Daddy was calling him back just as he promised.. We all answered the FaceTime call together, crying, and Ed couldn’t help but kind of laugh when he saw us.. And his response? “You guys know daddy is superman. I always come home.” Then he went back to showing Eddie what he needed on the tv. And all was right in his little world again.”

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Shannon Pisarek Source: Shannon Pisarek

“Just thought I’d share for those that are so critical these days… We live in a sad time where our police are being demonized for every little step that they take.. Where the criminals have more rights than our cops do, where “people” seem to think that our cops are the bad guys.. When they’re really just out there trying to do the right thing, and come home every night to their families who love them, and to their kids who probably also think that their daddy’s are Super Man too. And that’s why blue lives matter. Super man matters. #heartbehindthebadge #backtheblue

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[Source: Facebook – Shannon Pisarek]