Pierce Brosnan Opens Up About 25-Year Marriage

July 29th, 2018

Pierce Brosnan is a manly man who most women consider a heartthrob. He has appeared in numerous movies and made appearances on television shows. He’s an amazing dresser and seems to be a great guy.

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He recently celebrated his anniversary with his wife, Keely, and his Instagram post about her shows that he really is a down-to-earth guy.

He kept it simple and sweet. He said:

“Thank you for the love, my love of these past 25 years, onwards..”

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Pierce Brosnan Source: Pierce Brosnan

He has talked about Keely many times in interviews.

He recently said:

“I love her vitality, her passion. She has this strength that I wouldn’t be able to live without. When Keely looks at me, I go weak.”

The two celebrated their anniversary, but unlike some stars and celebrities that like to jet around the world to exotic places and spend millions of dollars on trips, they chose to keep it simple. He explained:

“My wife and I took a short road trip up to Santa Barbara — we were going for a romantic weekend and to look at houses and drink great wine. We didn’t listen to any music, but we just listened to the sounds of each other’s voices and sorted out the world.”

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Pierce Brosnan Source: Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan married Keely 10 years after the death of his first wife, Cassandra.

Cassandra died from ovarian cancer, and their daughter, Charlotte, later succumbed to the same disease as her mother. The losses were devastating to him. He even admits at times that he dwells on their deaths. He said:

“I don’t look at the cup as half full, believe me. The dark, melancholy Irish black dog sits beside me from time to time.”

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Pierce Brosnan Source: Pierce Brosnan

When Keely came into his life, she helped him deal with his grief and gave him a new reason to live.

The couple has two sons together, and when Brosnan isn’t acting or being an amazing husband, he is busy being a devoted father.

He didn’t know his own father and admits that he never had a male role model to show him how a father should act. He explained:

“My fatherly instincts are purely my own. They relate back to no one because there was no one. I only met Tom the once. I had a Sunday afternoon with him. A story about this and that had a few pints of Guinness and we said goodbye. I would have loved to have known him. He was a good whistler and he had a good walk… That’s as much as I know about him.”

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Pierce Brosnan Source: Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan currently has a lot going on.

He recently finished the film “Mama Mia, Here We Go Again.” It’s a film he really enjoyed making, although he admits that he is not too fond of singing. He said:

“I don’t sing as much in this one, but there is certainly a sense of cringe-making when it comes to singing. You’re very vulnerable, one is very vulnerable. Singing is not necessarily my forte – I enjoy singing, I’m not quite sure other people enjoy my singing, but they have good entertainment value out of my singing.”

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Pierce Brosnan Source: Pierce Brosnan

Between making movies and spending time with his beautiful wife and family, Brosnan sure has a lot going on.

It’s nice to get a glimpse into his life and see that he’s not so different from everyone else. He may be a big celebrity, but he still enjoys the simple things in life.

It’s clear that he and Keely have a great relationship and will be married for many years to come. They enjoy each other’s company and raising their family. Brosnan may talk about what a lucky man he is to have Keely, but it’s pretty clear that Keely is pretty lucky herself.

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Thank you for the love my love of these past 25 years, onwards… 🌹❤️

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