Acts of Kindness

Mom surprised to see stranger put money in daughters shopping cart

February 10th, 2020

While out shopping one day in early January, a stranger lent a hand to 2-year-old Lily Belle Vogel of Victorville, California. In a spontaneous action, he gave her some money to add to her grocery budget.

And just look at that face. Who could resist?

How the Story Unfolds

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The new year didn’t start off so great for Lily Belle and her parents. She’d spent a few days, including part of the New Year’s weekend, in the hospital.

Cherisa Vogel, Lily Belle’s mom, said that her daughter had to undergo a series of tests while under anesthesia. Being anesthetized is tough on anyone, but especially seniors and young children. So, as you can imagine, Lily Belle wasn’t feeling one hundred percent afterward. Her mom said she slept most of the next day but wasn’t a happy camper when she woke up. She was still tired and groggy.

In an effort to cheer her up, her parents decided to take her to the store. It seems that Lily Belle loves to shop and has her own mini shopping cart, so they took the cart along. And in the face of so much adorableness, what mother could resist recording it on her phone?

And we are very glad she did! Because it turned out her mom wasn’t the only one who thought the situation was adorable.

Lily Belle Catches a Strangers Eye

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Upon seeing the cuteness that is Lily Belle, an older gentleman stops and strikes up a conversation with her.

“You’re out shopping too? What are you buying? You see anything you want?”

Lily Belle is quick to reply with a, “Yeah!”

“Well, wait a minute, I’m gonna help you with your shopping today,” he replies.

At this point, he reaches in his pocket, finds a dollar bill, and puts it in her basket. Before walking away, he gives her a big grin and says,

“Yeah, that goes on whatever you get. Go ahead and shop.”

Lily is prompted to say thank you by her mom, and while you can’t hear her say it on the recording, she clearly does, as the gentleman acknowledges it.

A Simple Act of Kindness Changes Lily Belle’s Day

This stranger had no idea that Lily Belle had had a bad few days and had been feeling out of sorts. He just took a moment out of his day to connect with someone he’d never seen before and will likely never see again.

But this brief interaction made a little girl’s day. According to her mom,

“…this sweet man made her night.”

Up to that point, Lilly Belle, who is described by her mom as typically “social” had been abnormally quiet.

With regards to the exchange, Cherisa Vogel says,

“They were seriously so cute, they were just like instant friends, they had their little connection. Kindred spirits. There was no way I was gonna get between that moment, it was good for them.”

She also feels that the exchange was mutually beneficial for both of them.

“I know Lily Belle needed it, and I’m sure he gained something from it as well.”

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And what did Lilly Belle put her dollar towards? Her mom shares,

“She bought her fave, chocolate chip cookies! Thank you, Sir, for your kindness!”

In a heartbreaking conclusion to this story, Lily Belle’s test results came back, and she has been diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia, a condition of the brain that causes damage to the ventricles. As a result of this she has also developed Cerebral Palsy. A GoFundMe has been set up to help with medical expenses.

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Source: Metro News