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Stranger at yard sale eavesdropping on little girl interferes when she overhears mom’s dilemma

February 10th, 2020

Who doesn’t love a yard sale? Usually, this is an excellent way to find all sorts of goodies. Sometimes, people find rare items worth some money. Other times, they locate something associated with a specific hobby or interest. Even if an individual doesn’t come across anything special, these sales are fun.

One story about a yard sale has captured the hearts of people around the world. It all started with a mom and her young daughter. They decided to visit different yard sales, looking for bargains. But it was when they stopped at a particular home when something wonderful happened.

There it was…a pink Disney princess television.

When you combine Disney with a pink-colored TV, you can be sure it’ll attract the attention of little girls. That’s what happened to the youngster who was going to yard sales with her mom. The individual holding the sale said she overheard the child whispering something to her mother that immediately caught her attention.

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She wanted to buy the TV with her money.

Rather than ask the mom to get the television for her, this six-year-old girl wanted to know if there was a way for her to earn enough to buy it herself. Unfortunately, the mother responded that at that time, they just didn’t have the money. Feeling sad that she couldn’t get her daughter what she wanted, the mom bent down and kissed her child on the forehead.

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“It’s okay mommy.”

Unlike a lot of kids this age that would throw a tantrum for not getting what they wanted, this little girl understood. Instead of pushing the topic, she simply took hold of her mom’s hand. The person having the yard sale continued to watch the duo. They chose things carefully while counting their money…penny by penny to make sure they had enough.

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They found matching dishes.

What took the homeowner by surprise was when the mom picked out some dishes. The little girl liked them a lot. But she heard the mom say how nice it was going to be to have a single matching cup and bowl for their new home. That’s when the mother reminded the little girl that they were so lucky.

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By this time, the individual was paying a lot of attention to the mom and her daughter.

There was no question these two must be going through a rough patch. She also noticed this mom and child had a special bond. While watching them, she’d see the girl glace over at the Disney princess TV now and then…yet she didn’t say a word. When they wanted to pay for the items they’d chosen, the homeowner gave them to them for free.

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Tears started flowing down the mother’s face.

The mom said she was having a hard time. But the person having the yard sale said she didn’t need to explain what was going on…she was just touched by the sweet relationship between the two. She also complimented the daughter, telling the mother she’d “raised a wonderful, beautiful, joyful, and polite little girl.”

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Come to find out, these two had escaped a violent situation. They filled a small bag and took off for their safety. The homeowner gave them even more stuff, including pillows, blankets, and food. But there was still the matter of the pink television the little girl had her eyes on. Yep, she gave it to the girl, too. She then reminded the mom, “This is a season, and seasons pass. When this season passes for you, you can ‘pay it forward’ to someone else.”

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