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Receptionist Interrupts Ellen On Her Show, Tells Her There's A Cancer Survivor In The Audience

October 15th, 2018

If you watch the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” you know that she is full of surprises. She often surprises her guests and audience members, but sometimes, she is surprised herself. As with most shows, Ellen’s is planned before she walks on stage, but she recently got a phone call that changed things a bit.

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While Ellen was sitting in her chair, she got a phone call on stage.

The caller explained that someone who had recently written a note to Ellen was in her audience. The caller was Ellen’s receptionist, Jeannie. She couldn’t let the show continue without bringing attention to the audience member. She said:

“So, I’m sitting at reception and I’m going through emails, and I’ve found one that I think you’ve really gotta hear because I actually think these people are in the audience today.”

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Ellen and the audience were intrigued.

Jeannie read the letter out loud, and Ellen put her on speakerphone, so the entire audience could hear her. Jeannie read:

“I am a 30-year-old breast cancer survivor. This week, I found a new lump and just learned I need to get an MRI to figure things out. I am a strong person, but right now, I am scared.”

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The letter was from a woman named Kim Jeger.

She was a big fan of Ellen and wanted to let her know how much her show has helped her cope with her disease. She didn’t know Ellen would be reading it the day she happened to be in the audience. The letter continued:

“It was just last year that I had to go through multiple surgeries and over five months of chemo. My mom also had stage 4 cancer last year, so it’s been a rough go. I do my very best to stay positive, and today, your show keeps me going.”

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The camera found Kim in the audience.

She was there with her mother and had broken down and started crying. She was emotional over her own letter and the fact that Ellen was really interested in her story.

The letter concluded:

“Your show keeps me going. I eagerly await four o’clock when I know you will bring me smiles and happiness. Thank-you for being there for me.”

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At this point, Ellen had to call Kim and her mother, Becky, up on stage to talk.

Ellen asked Kim how things were going. Kim took the mic and said:

“I have news to report, I definitely do not have cancer.”

Kim went on to share her story about how she went through chemotherapy with her mother and how that somehow made it easier for her to fight and cope with it all. She also talked about her wedding and how excited she was to move forward with her life.

Ellen congratulated Kim on being cancer-free and her wedding. She also had a few things for her. As she presented the gifts, she announced that they all had a theme. There was something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

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Ellen continued to pull out gifts for the bride-to-be as she sat in shock at the kindness of her favorite television host.

It was a dream come true for Kim to be on the show and meeting Ellen. The fact that she could tell the world that she was cancer-free was beyond anything she had hoped for. Now, she was sitting on stage getting gifts for her wedding. It was just too much.

Becky was sitting right beside her daughter and tried her best to keep her calm. Kim was beyond thrilled with every gift she received. The audience was happy for her, too. Now that Kim can put her recent cancer scare behind her, she can focus on her wedding. She has her whole life ahead of her, and thanks to Ellen, she has a few things less to worry about while planning the wedding.

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