Healthcare Worker Gets Alluring And Sassy New Look For Wedding

December 24th, 2020

Every bride hopes to look gorgeous at her wedding. After all, it’s a special event where she’s the star of the show (along with the groom, of course) – so it makes sense she’d want to shine bright.

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55-year-old Tamara is a mom and grandmother from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Just recently, she was also counting down the days until she’d say “I do” to her fiancé at their wedding.

Like other brides, Tamara wanted to be beautiful on her big day. But instead of simply getting her hair done at a local salon, or having a friend do her makeup, Tamara did something bold. She got a full-on, head-turning makeover!

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The man behind the magic was The Makeover Guy. In the end, even he was stunned by her dramatic results. Here’s how it all started…

Posted by MAKEOVERGUY on Friday, September 27, 2019

She just wanted to feel special.

Tamara works in the health care industry in addition to having adult-kids and grandchildren. So, needless to say, she’s used to taking care of others! For just one day though, the bride-to-be wanted to soak in the spotlight and receive positive attention. She shared:

“I need to feel special for a change.”

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The Midwestern grandma had thought about how she wanted to look.

If you’re thinking she wanted to keep it tame, think again! Her wedding was the very next day and she was ready to knock some socks off. Before the makeover, she said:

“Dramatic and alluring, that’s what I want to be. Captivating, a little sassy? Most of all, I want to be sensual.”

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According to Tamara, she had felt pretty on the “inside,” but not on the “outside.” All that was about to change…

Christopher Hopkins, famously known as The Makeover Guy, is an expert when it comes to helping people look amazing, all while boosting their confidence too. He’s also an internet star, a world-class entertainer, an entrepreneur, and the author of the best-selling book, Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.

I really love my job and all my peeps. I don’t say that enough. I love my peeps! Thank you.

Posted by MAKEOVERGUY on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Christopher is known for his dramatic and inspiring makeovers. This is one where he and his team totally delivered!

The Makeover Guy later wrote on YouTube:

“Even I’m impressed with this one. Tamara wanted to be seen as Dramatic, Alluring, Captivating, Sassy and Sensual. And we did it! She’s getting married and we think the new husband might be a bit surprised.”

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Poof. Where’d she go?

In the video, Tamara is sitting in a chair giving her pre-makeover interview. Then, like a magic wand was waved, she’s suddenly unrecognizable! Like, what happened to Tamara and how did a Hollywood movie star take her place?

She looks glamorous with a new hairstyle, color, and makeup that screams “va-va-voom!” If she wanted to be the belle of the ball, mission accomplished.

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The best part is that Tamara is more than happy with the results.

She says:

“Tomorrow I will be dazzling, for sure. Dazzling! I’ve never felt like this before … It feels wonderful. Looking at me like this I love myself.”

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It’s a makeover that has many jaws dropping. One YouTube user commented:

“Nailed it again! Absolutely beautiful hair and makeup! You gave her what she asked for and then some!”

Another said:

“WOWZERS!!! She’s flippin’ GORGEOUS!! What a transformation, seriously!!”

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Press play on the video below to see this bride’s incredible makeover for yourself!

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