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Elderly Man Goes To Salon To Learn To Style Wife's Hair

June 18th, 2018

When two people get married, they promise to love and care for each other in sickness and in health, but few people hold up to that bargain. When their spouse gets old, they let others care for them. One man wasn’t about the let that happen. He is happy to be his wife’s caretaker and does everything he can to make her happy.

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Andrew’s wife, Theresa, had a stroke almost 20 years ago, and that has left her with some mobility issues.

She has a hard time taking care of herself and doing simple things, like fixing her hair. One morning, she went to take a shower, and the hairstyle she loved so much fell down. She wasn’t able to fix it back, but her husband knew just what to do. Their son, Steve, explained:

“She got her hair done and fell in love with it. Well, that next morning, she took a shower and it fell down … She couldn’t get it back to the way they had styled it.”

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Andrew went to the salon to buy the products to fix it and realized the needed a few lessons.

He decided to take his wife back to the salon and pay close attention to how they did her hair, so he could do it for her every day. Nicci Meyer, the salon’s operations coordinator, talked about the day he came to learn how to style his wife’s hair. She said:

“At first, I think we just didn’t know what was going on, because we saw a gentleman behind the chair asking questions. And once we found out, it was just one of those moments … and you look around and everyone was tearing up and crying.”

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She explained that Andrew was very polite, and he wanted to make sure that the salon didn’t mind teaching him and understood his reasons for wanting to learn how to do it himself.

Nikki added:

“He wanted to make sure he had the right tools to do it. He asked a lot of questions. He really wanted to make sure that he was doing a good job for her, and that she would love the end result as much as she did when she left the salon.”

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His wife’s stylist didn’t mind showing him how to do it at all.

Andrew is an amazing man who is completely devoted to his wife. He has never had a problem taking care of her, and his family is thankful to have him in their lives. Steve said:

“My dad has really been her caretaker. He has had no problem, never complained once. He goes to work at six and gets off at 8:30, gets home, and gets her breakfast, fed, and bathed. They do lunch, and then he goes back to work from two to five, then he comes home for dinner … and takes care of her and gets her ready for bed.”

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The family was surprised that the video of Andrew learning to do hair went viral, but they are also happy to share something so inspiring with the world.

They weren’t a bit surprised that their father would do something like this. Steve said:

“There’s so much bad stuff that everybody wants to see in this world. And for the first time that I can see in a while, people actually enjoyed something nice.”

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As for Nikki and the other people at the salon, they are glad to have been a part of it.

Nikki said:

“This is proof that true love actually exists.”

She added:

“[It was] truly one of the best things I have been able to witness in my life. Brought tears to my eyes… what an amazing man and what a lucky woman.”

Now Andrew can make sure that his wife looks the way she wants. He has gone above and beyond taking care of her. He is proving to her that he really loves her, and their relationship is an example of how a marriage should be.

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Source: USA Today