Actor mocked for years gets last word when wife of 10 years gives birth to first child

April 16th, 2021

You may not know much about the Nigerian movie industry but you’ve probably heard of Browny Igboegwu. He’s an award-winning actor, producer, model, events manager, and CEO. With numerous feats under his belt, you’d think people would just support him and be happy for him in all that he chooses to do but apparently, all these years, the actor was receiving so much pressure from those around him about having a child.

Married for ten years, Igboegwu would always be asked if he would consider asking another woman to bear his child. Not allowing any of that to affect his marriage and his outlook on family, the actor remained patient.

And because the best things are always worth the wait, he now has a child with his wife Becky.

In a Facebook post, Igboegwu writes,

“Hearing all these from both people who feel my pain and those who mock me. I silently took it to God in prayer and today, my wife and I have reason to say thank You Lord.”

In another post, Igboegwu shared photos of his wife showing off her baby bump and captioned it,

“This took ten years to come who can battle with the Lord, I say nobody. I don’t know about you. Where are the so called witches and wizards. It can only be God. Good news loading 90% +”

Along with supportive family, friends, and colleagues, fans of the actor were quick to send their warmest wishes to the happy couple, proclaiming blessings over their marriage and their child.

The family man never holds back on expressing his gratitude through his posts. He doesn’t realize just how many people he inspires with his faith.

While most people would immediately speak up to silence those trying to have a say in their family’s decisions, the actor simply chose to carry on and focus on his career and family.

Finally welcoming a child isn’t the only thing Browny Igboegwu is thankful for. Most of his social media posts are so beautifully captioned, speaking of humility, gratitude, and joy.

The actor, despite his fame and all that he’s accomplished, never writes as though he is the only one behind his success and the beautiful life he has. In fact, Igboegwu never fails to mention God and how truly blessed and humbled he is for all that he’s been given.

You can tell he is well-loved, too. Always surrounded by friends, colleagues, and family, the actor’s genuine smile and how he carries himself seems to just draw people to him.

You’ll love the joy seen in all of Igboegwu’s family photos and reading just how many people love and support him. He is definitely someone to learn from.

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Source: Yabaleft Online, Facebook/Browny Igboegwu, Instagram/brownyigboegwu